The Bays Lineage

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Generation 1

John Bays b. c1723 Lundenberg Co, VA d. 6/14/1794 Pittsylvania Co, VA m. c1750 Pittsylvania, Pittsylvania Co, VA to Lucy ??? b. c1720 Lundenberg Co, VA d. 1807

Generation 2

William b. 1740 Lundenberg Co, VA

John Jr b. 1750 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. c1810 Pittsylvania Co, VA m.1. c1773 Pittsylvanai Co, VA to Lavasey/Luvicy ??? b. c1757 VA d. bef 1870 m.2 Ann Robertson b. c1757 VA

Joseph b. 3/22/1757 Lundenberg Co, VA d. c1790

Rebecca b. c1760 Pittsylvania Co, VA m. 11/26/1782 Pittsylvania Co, VA to John Beale

Generation 3

Children of John Bays Jr & Lavasey/Luvicy ???

Lucy b. 1774 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 4/4/1857 Center Twp, Greene Co, IN m. 1/5/1795 Pittsylvania Co, VA to Edmond BINGHAM b. 1774 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 10/23/1852 Center Twp, Greene Co, IN s/o William Bingham

John III b. c1775 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 7/26/1855 Morgan Co, KY m.1. 9/27/1794 Pittsylvania Co, VA to Sarah Owen d/o Richard Owen

Elizabeth Betsie b. c1778 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 9/15/1847

Beverly b. c1780 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 4/7/1847 Greene Co, IN

Abednigo/Ebinnigo b. c1780 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 1836 Pittsylvania Co, VA m.1. 5/22/1806 Pittsylvania Co, VA to Tabitha Jennings b. 2/22/1790 VA m.2. 11/6/1836 Pittsylvania Co, VA to Frances Shockley

Mary Polly b. c1782 Pittsylvania Co, VA m. 1/16/1805 Greene Co, IN to William Martin b. Greene Co, IN

Keziah b. c1792 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. May 1842 Pittsylvania Co, VA m. 1808 Polly Poindexter

Meschack b. c1794 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. aft 1828 m. Elizabeth Betsy ??? b. 1794 d. bef 1820

William M b. 1798 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. aft 1875 m. 8/27/1821 Halifax, VA to Lucy BINGHAM b. 7/10/1803 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 1882 Greene Co, IN d/o Edmond Bingham & Lucy Bays

Joshua b. c1778 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 11/16/1852 Surry Co, NC

Josiah b. 2/22/1783 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 5/23/1842 Greene Co, IN [Cem] m. 2/15/1808 Pittsylvania Co, VA to Lettice Mayes b. 1784 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. c1860 d/o Christian Mays & Elizabeth Ragan

Generation 4

Children of John Bays III & Sarah Owen

Banister b. 1796 Pittsylvania Co, VA

Daniel b. 1796 Pittsylvania Co, VA

Isham b. 8/23/1798 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 1/22/1877 Magoffin Co, KY m.1. 7/4/1818 Pittsylvania Co, VA to Polly Taylor m.2. Susan ????

George Washington b. 1/24/1801 Hailfax Co, Va d. 4/10/1869 Cooke Co, TX m. 7/31/1830 Elizabeth Glass b. 1/5/1818 Pike Co, MS d. 1/13/1857 d/o Fredrick Glass & Elizabeth Struthers [Cem]

Children of Josiah Bays & Lettice Mayes

Polly Ann b. 7/29/1823 Surry Co, NC d. 9/11/1857 Center Twp, Greene Co, IN [Cem] m. 1/28/1841 Greene Co, IN to John B Uland b. c1819 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. Apr 1863 Center Twp, Greene Co, IN s/o John Uland & Elizabeth S BINGHAM

James 5/25/1827-4/1/1853 m. Rachel K Bays b. 5/20/1829 VA d. 1937 Greene Co, IN [Cem] d/o William M Bays & Lucy Bingham

Josiah C II b. 1809 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 1894 [Cem]

Amelia b. 1811 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 1893 [Cem]

Joshua b. 5/25/1815 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 10/16/1849 Center Twp, Greene Co, IN [Cem]

Elizabeth b. 1815 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 1893 [Cem]

Joseph Mays 4/21/1817-5/2/1849 Greene Co, IN [Cem] m. Carrie Burch 1/7/1821-10/31/1896 Greene Co, IN

Walter C b. c1817 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. c1840 [Cem]

Chloe b. c1818 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. Sep 1849 [Cem] m. John B Olinger

Livicy b. 1819 Pittsylvania Co, VA

Alfred b. 1820 Surry Co, NC d. 6/26/1844 Greene Co, IN m. 1/27/1842 Greene Co, IN to Elizabeth Shields b. Jun 1826 Halifax Co, VA d. 5/10/1906 Bloomfield, Greene Co, IN [Cem] d/o Josiah Shields & Martha Bingham

Andrew Jackson b. 1825 VA d. Oct 1850

Children of William M Bays & Lucy Bingham

Sally b. 8/26/1822

Rachel K b. 5/20/1829 VA d. 1937 Greene Co, IN [Cem] m. James Bays 5/25/1827-4/1/1853 s/o Josiah Bays & Lettice Mayes

Agnes b. 1831

Jane b. 1834

Fanny b. 1841 VA d. 9/20/1902 Carlisle, Sullivan Co, IN [Cem] [Cen] [Obit] m. 3/4/1855 Greene Co, IN to William Skinner c1834-May 1889 Bruceville, Knox Co, IN

James b. 1843

Generation 5

Child of Alfred Bays & Elizabeth Shields


Child of George Washington Bays & Elizabeth Glas

Thoams Green b. 5/1/1832 Sabine, Jefferson Co, TX d. Dublin, TX m. 12/9/1868 Anderson Co, TX to Amanda C Johnson 11/22/1848-1915 Dublin, TX

Sarah Elizabeth b. 4/3/1840 m. ??? Bowers

Frances Georgiann b. 7/17/1841 Mississippi d. 6/2/1922 Corsican, Navarro Co, TX [Cem] m. George Washington Tubbs 1830-1906

George W 1843-1843

Susan b. 1844

Roxanna R b. 2/21/1846 d. Shawnee, OK [Cem] m. Anderson Co, TX to John Joshua Richardson

Matilda Angline b. 12/30/1850

Vinginnice 1852-1852

Daniel Conner

Children of Isham Bays & Polly Taylor

George Washington b. 6/1/1820 Pittsylvania Co, VA d. 8/11/1870 m. Sarah May
William Amos b. Apr 1838 Johnson Co, KY
Nancy b. 1842
Alsy J b. 1850

Child of James Bays & Rachel K Bays

Eliza Ann 4/19/1846-3/16/1932

Child of Joseph Mays Bays & Carrie Burch

Walter C Bays m. Elizabeth Robinson
Joseph M 1/20/1846-9/19/1850 [Cem]
Polly Ann d. 12/309/1876 [Cem]

Generation 6

Child of George Washington Bays & Sarah May

Martha E Bays m. Mack Reynolds

Child of Walter C Bays & Elizabeth Robinson

Maud May Bays b. 1/31/1885 Stonington, Christian Co, IL d. 1/21/1957 Pawnee, Pawnee Co, OK [Cem] m. 3/23/1899 Greene Co, IN to Legrand Anderson b. 5/16/1881 Solsberry, Greene Co, IN d. 12/12/1962 Solsberry, Greene Co, IN s/o Riley Franklin Anderson & Fatha Ann Uland

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