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Ima Eula Mewborn, daughter of George Lemuel and Eula Virginia Mewborn was born in Greene County, North Carolina on May 30th, 1912. Her father owned a general store in the area and was also a farmer. They were among the first in Greene County to enjoy electric lights and running water. Miss Ima would often help her father in the store and she learned math very rapidly. As she attended school, the teacher would give the students math problems with instructions to write them down When he asked for an answer Miss Ima was always the first to give the correct answer but she would never write the problem down. She said she did not need to, she did all the computation mentally. No calculators in those days!

“Miss Ima” graduated from Snow Hill High School, 6th in her class and continued her education at East Carolina Teacher’s College in Greenville. She graduated in 1933 as a science teacher with a minor in English. She worked with her brother, Dr. John Moses Mewborn, in his medical office in Farmville until retirement and during her spare time started her lifelong research on her family. Her sister, Ailine Eloise Mewborn, also graduated from East Carolina with a major in Home Economics in 1943 and taught school until retirement at which point she moved to Farmville to live with her sister.

Family photographs in her mother’s old trunk fascinated “Miss Ima” and as she studied their faces, she yearned to know more about them. She and her sister, Ailine, began their research by taking a genealogy class given by none other than her first grade teacher Mrs. Smith. They scheduled trips to the North Carolina Archives, Virginia, and joined the local genealogical society in Lenoir County. They wanted their research to be accurate and documented in the best possible way and would not share their results until they felt sure it was correct. Once they were comfortable with these results, they were most generous with their material. Through their efforts, 20 applications have been approved for The Daughters of the American Revolution and the Colonial Dames.

“Miss Ima” is considered one of the best genealogists in the State of North Carolina and has amassed enormous information on the Mewborn, Hardy, Sutton and Wooten families among others. Eventually her work on the Hardy, Sutton and Wooten families will be on this web site and will be donated to Heritage Place, Lenoir County Community College in Kinston, North Carolina. Her Mewborn Collection has already been donated and will eventually be published. “Miss Ailine” has been her “quiet” right hand researcher and in her own right, an excellent researcher.

When asked why she likes to do research, she replied “It is my life”. And should you get the chance to meet this very charming, intellectual young lady, you will most assuredly agree. Her philosophy in life “Enjoy Yourself, It Is Later Than You Think. You’ve Earned It. Now Enjoy It!” Her advice is to do as she did, take classes, join the local genealogical society in the area you are researching and document, document!

Written by Clarice Wood Mills, President of the Pitt County Family Researchers

On February 5, 2002 we lost a great genealogist when Ima Mewborn passed away. Please visit a tribute to this fine woman at: Old Dobbers Web Page

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