I am giving out a web page award to genealogy sites that I feel deserve this award. This award cannot be applied for.

These sites have received my award because:

They are genealogy sites, easy to navigate, easy to find the surnames listed, and most of all, they have taken the time and effort to preserve their family history, and have shared this information with all of us on the internet.

@Family History
Ancestors Anonymous
Ancestors of Helen White Sutton
Ancestors of Hugh Rutherford
Andrews & Collateral Families Genealogy
Backwards B Ranch Family Page
Barry Taylor's Family History Research
The Batchelder Genealogy Page
The Batchelor Family
Batchelor Family Ancestry
Bennett and Related Lines
Bill Sutton's Temporary Home Page
Bleach Genealogy
Bob Phillips of Columbus, OH
Bob Reid's Home Page
The Burval Family Genealogy
Cape Cod Genealogy
Charlotte's Web (Page)
Chenoweth Family Site
The Cherokee Genealogy Page
Cheyenne Yasmin Sutton Bradford
Clan Fraser of West Hill
Connections 1
Cousin Dean's Melton Page
Covington-Wilson Genealogy Home Page
Croom Page
Crystal's Genealogy
Dave Lehman's Genealogy Center
David Lawrence's Genealogy Page
David Robert Wooten - Home Page
Descendants of Elbert Melton
Descendants of Richard Tilden Jr & Elizabeth Glover
The Day Family
Descendants of William Aldrich, Sr
Dietz-Deatz Home Page
Dixieland Genealogy
Donna's Place
Down th e Primrose Lane
Ed Davis' Home Page
Enfield-Bryant Genealogy
Family Heritage Bounty Promise
Freeman Family Lines
The Fricke HomePage
Gary Barr Family History Home Page
Genealogy by Ina Stamper Wallace
Genealogy Home Page
Genealogy of Jeffery John Manson
Genealogy Research
Genealogy Resources: Steps in Time
Genealogy Turns Back The Hands of Time
The George & Ann Marwood Durant Family Association
George's Genealogy Research Filing Cabinet
Gober Home Page
Greg Lasley & Cheryl Johnson Family Genealogy
GrowingTree's Genealogy
Hardison & Perry Family of Martin County
Hardy/Gutzeit Genealogy
Hastings House Genealogy Page
Holman Genealogy Home Page
Home Grown in the Garden State
Hoyt B Wooten 1893-1969
Jessie Parker - Texas Pioneer
Jacksons of Iron Co, Missouri
Jacob Hatch, His Roots and Branches
James Clan Homepage
James Gardner Family of Cabarrus Co, NC
Joan Bartay's Melton's History - Genealogy
Joan Flemings Home Page
John Bennett's Genealogy Page
John Bigge of Cranbrook & Family

John Robertson's Genealogy & Maps
John Sutton of York Cty, MA
John's Place
Johns Family Research
The Johnson Page
Kallysta's Library
Kate's Genealogy Page
Ken's Genealogy Research Notebook
Kentucky Roots
Kith, Kin & Rabble
Larry Thompson's Genealogy Page
Lasley Family Genealogy
Leisure's House of Harleys and Genealogy
The Little Family
The Little Family, VA & KY
Little (Klein) Home Page
Little Rlee's Genealogy Page
Looking for Kin
Looking For The Lost Lambs (Limbs?)!
Loskot Family Home Page
LostDove Homepage
Lygia's Genealogy Page
Malone-Sartin Genealogy Page
Marilyn's Genealogy Page
Mark E Wooten WWW Page
Mary Westbrook-Drake's Genealogical Data Base
Mead Family Homepage
The Melton Family Center
Melton Family Tree
The Melton Pages
Meyer-Braswell Genealogy Family Tree Project
The Milton/Melton Pot
The Murray-Pierce Home Page
Murray's Genealogy Homepage
My Family Names
My Hardy's
My Mohr & Allied Lines Page
My VA & NC Genealogical Exchange
My World
My Wright & Parker Genealogy Pages
Nancy Lee Garrett's Home Page
Nathaniel Meekins Batchelor & Elsey Cox & a Few Descendants
Neely Gomez Homepage
New England Families
The Norris Taylor Genealogy Page
Milo Sutton Home Page
Online Surname List
Our Childrens Ancestors
Our Family - Ancestors, Descendants and Relatives of: Christina S Wilson & Allen W Lantman
Our Little Website
The Parker Family
The Parker Family of Medon, Madison Co, TN
Paula's Genealogy Page
Paula's Genealogy Page
Peggy's Perspective
Peterson and Richardson Home Page
Phillips Genealogy
Ralph Clark's Tilden Genealogy Page
Ray's Gurganus, Smallwood, Beasley, Genealogy Page
Retracing Our Family Legacy
Reynolds Family Circle
Rice-Moore Genealogy
Rosalyn's Home Page
Rowden Family "On Ramp"
Ruby's Genealogy
Running Hare Graphic Productions
Shake Your Family Tree
Sam's Genealogy
Shawna's Genealogy Page
The Sheffield Family
Shellie's Genealogy
Sherry's Family
Shirley's Links to the Past
Some Nuts Just Fall From the Tree
Southern Roots Family History Pages
Starritt Family
Strong Roots & Assorted Branches, Twigs and Buds
Sutton Family Page
The Suttons - A Branch From My Family Tree
Surname Central
Surname Forest Remembered Leaves
Sutton's Page
Tamara's Genealogy
The Tankersley Family
Tankersley History
Tarheel Born & Bred
Temple and Related Families in America
Terry's Genealogy Site
The Thames Ditton Howards
Those Hardys From There To Texas

The Tillotson Project
The Trotter Family Genealogy Home Page
Turpin Home Page
Tweedy Bird's Tree
The Unofficial Gober Home Pages
Vinson Web Page

Walsted Family Page
Welcome to the Lawrence One-Name Study
Welcome to My Homepage - Beti
Welcome to the World of Diana Marlene Austring
Wes Parker's Home Page
Wild Bill's Web
Wildest Dreams
Wilks-Craig-Fowler-Kelley Family Gedcom
Wooten, Candler, Austin & Related
The Wootan/Wooten Surname Center
Wyoming Family Genealogy

A very special thank you goes out to Fran at:
She created this award for me. Please take the time to visit her site. She has a wonderful artistic talent and is willing to share her buttons and graphics with those of us on the web. Please stop by her page and see her beautiful artwork. Thank you Fran!

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